Middlemount Coal Mine
Infrastructure Design

Client: Middlemount Coal Mine Pty Ltd on behalf of Macarthur Coal

Lambert & Rehbein was commissioned by Middlemount Coal Pty Ltd on behalf of Macarthur Coal to undertake the detail design, specification and construction support of the Civil Infrastructure works required to bring the earthworks to finished surface levels. The mine site is located approximately 10km south-west of Middlemount.

Project Scope

  • Prepare detailed design documentation and specifications for all the major infrastructure components;
  • Development of a design cost estimate including schedule of rates to complete the works as detailed;
  • Prepare quantities and rates for the major infrastructure components for the development of a project capital cost estimate;
  • Provide construction support including inspections of construction and commissioning of infrastructure works procurement;
  • Development of a schedule for the work and a fortnightly progress report detailing Progress against schedule, Major issues (outstanding change notices), Resource levels & Cost report

Detailed Design Components

  • Bulk Earthworks including clearing;
  • Haul Roads and light vehicle access roads/intersections (including ROM ramp);
  • CHPP building, transfer stations and conveyor platforms ;
  • Run of Mine and rejects pads Including ramps and Soil Nail Wall;
  • Product coal stockpile area;
  • Mine Infrastructure Area.
  • Tailings and raw water dams
  • Water supply including raw and portable water;
  • Site stormwater management and sediment ponds;
  • Waste Water Treatment Plan.