Ongoing Contamination Investigations
Citiswich Business Park Development

Client: Walker Corporation

Lambert & Rehbein was commissioned by Walker Corporation to undertake Contamination Investigations associated with imported filling at Stages 2C and 4C at the Citiswich Master plan, Bundamba on an “as required” basis.  The filling investigations are undertaken to ensure the fill material that is being imported to the site is free from contaminants. Soil samples are collected from the site after the filling has been stockpiled and/or placed in the area requiring filling.  Samples are submitted for analysis for a standard suite of analytes and the results are recorded in a database that is regularly provided along with a summary of the results to Walker Corporation and the Third Party Reviewer (TPR). The development is to be completed in Stages and consists of commercial and residential allotments with a number of allotments listed on the Environmental Management Register (EMR) for various Notifiable Activities. 

L&R has conducted contamination investigations for Due Diligence purposes, Characterisation purposes for Walker Corporation and detailed investigations for removing portions of the Master plan from the EMR.