Military Base Security Risk Assessments

Client: Defence Supporty Group (DSG)

The attempted assault on Holsworthy Barracks in Sydney in 2009 and the subsequent increase in threat levels on Australian shores saw the Defence Support Group (DSG) commission a team of security consultants to conduct base-wise security risk assessments on every military installation in Australia. This project involves the review of 80 bases nationally.

These assessments involve the following aspects:

  • Assessing physical security measures in place against the requirements of the Protective Security Manual, and Defence Security Manual. These include fencing, lighting, security rated areas (Secure, Intruder Resistant), weapons and munitions facilities, communications facilities and other sensitive areas;
  • Assessing current governance, policy and procedure frameworks;
  • Assessing existing emergency management and response capabilities;
  • Assessing site safety capabilities;
  • Providing written recommendations for remediation; and
  • Providing strategic advice on ‘scalable’ measures.

Our Senior Security Consultant is currently involved with this project as part of a larger team, and is the only SCEC endorsed member of the team. This project will ultimately contribute to major programs for upgrading security measures on the majority of military installations around Australia.