Aimsun Microsimulation adds real benefits to our clients

19 August, 2015

Lambert & Rehbein Traffic Team continue to expand their modeling experience and capabilities through the development of micro-simulation models using the software package Aimsun.
The Aimsun micro-simulation software allows the team to construct road networks in a 3D environment and then apply traffic to the network, so as to observe the operation in theoretical real time. This provides us with a visual tool that can be used to observe capacity issues and identify potential solutions. The software then allows us to develop upgrade scenarios and test them to determine whether they address the issues currently identified. The added benefit of the visualisation is that while the software can output measurable numerical results it can be a powerful demonstration tool to clients and authorities, allowing them to see the issues and solutions in a visual sense, rather than only assessing via numbers.

Lambert & Rehbein has undertaken studies assessing intersections and interchanges, where Aimsun was used to identify current and future capacity constraints. The software was then used to test various scenarios to develop a suite of cost effective solutions that were part of the final design. Other assessments have included additional access to developments where authorities had concern about the impact on the adjacent intersections. Aimsun’s ability to assess sections of road network within the one model allowed Lambert & Rehbein to demonstrate the interaction along the road network and its overall performance.  This could then be demonstrated to the relevant authorities.

For more information on Lambert & Rehbein modelling capabilities and how Aimsun can work for you please contact Toby Gilmour or Steve Williams in our Brisbane office on (07) 3250 9000.