Stage 1 Prelimary Site Investigation - 131 Colchester St

Client: Project Services

Lambert & Rehbein (SEQ) Pty Ltd (L&R) was commissioned by Project Services to undertake a Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation (Stage 1 PSI) and Groundwater Investigation at the QFleet Garage facility located on 131 Colchester Street, South Brisbane.  The investigation was undertaken to determine any risks to the environment or site workers during development works and also to assess the suitability of the site for possible sale and unrestricted land use.

The objectives of the Stage 1 PSI and Groundwater Investigation are detailed below:

  • To assess the site for soil and groundwater contamination based on the information obtained during the Site History review;
  • To assess the horizontal and vertical extent of soil contamination based on intrusive soil sampling;
  • To characterise and assess any groundwater contamination beneath the site;
  • To assess the potential for off-site impacts associated with soil and groundwater contamination associated with current and past site activities;
  • To provide recommendations of remedial works or additional actions (if any) required to address contamination issues to allow  unrestricted use of the site in the future; and
  • Provide recommendations regarding the need to list the site on the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) Environmental Management Register (EMR) or Contaminated Land Register (CLR).