Prince Charles Hospital Upgrade
Master Plan Study

Client: Queensland Health in conjunction with Department of Project Services

Lambert and Rehbein was commissioned by PDT Architects as part of the Consultancy Team to undertake the Master Plan study for the upgrade and redevelopment of The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) at Chermside.  Together with the development work currently under construction for TPCH site, the proposed redevelopment of TPCH would add a range of community-hospital services to its profile.

As part of this commission, the effect of the additional facilities on the existing traffic flows as a result of the proposed TPCH redevelopment are being examined.  An extensive review of the pedestrian (both public and staff), car (both public and staff), public transport, service vehicles and emergency vehicle access for both TPCH and the Holly Spirit Northside Hospital is also being undertaken as part of the traffic study.

Project Scope:

  • Identify the key external and internal traffic/pedestrian related issues;
  • Review and summarise the available traffic plans in the area including identification of long term road network and public transport initiatives;
  • Review the site plan for compatibility with current and future overall street layout;
  • Assessment of the impacts on the existing and future road network in the vicinity of TPCH and the Holy Spirit Northside Hospital;
  • Evaluation of the vehicular circulation and access arrangements to/from site as well as the internal car parking layout, including capacity, access and internal circulation for both the public and staff requirements;
  • Evaluate the external pedestrian circulation for both the general public and the hospital staff;
  • Review the connectivity to public transport services in the vicinity of the hospital;
  • Review the service vehicle and emergency vehicle access requirements for TPCH and Holy Spirit Northside Hospital and to identify any particular access and circulation requirements for these vehicles; and
  • Evaluation of the impact of the development on the existing road networks.