Junction Road Concept Planning

Client: Ipswich City Council

Lambert & Rehbein was commission by Ipswich City Council (ICC) to undertake concept planning for Junction Road, Karalee between Ronan Lane and Arthur Summervilles Road. The aim of the study was to identity a feasible upgrade design between Ronan Lane and Arthur Summervilles Road that not only improves the safety and efficiency of Junction Road (within the study area) but also provides a missing pedestrian and cyclist link along the alignment.

Key Tasks Included:

  • Review the form and function of the intersections along the corridor, and identify any upgrade works or formalisation required;
  • Preparation of concept sketches of recommended changes to the form of the corridor;
  • Preparation of general arrangement sketches for the widening and upgrade of the roadway to allow for flooding inundation;
  • Preparation of general arrangement sketches for the upgrade of a bridge structure;
  • Preparation of concept sketches identifying potential locations that would require relocation of services;
  • Workshop with Client representative and Council Traffic Engineers to review the proposed changes to the Junction Road corridor to obtain approval in principle of the recommended changes;
  • Undertaking swept path assessments of any intersections effected by changes to ensure that the largest design vehicle was able to safely manoeuvre through all movements;
  • Preparation of property acquisition sketches for properties effected by the proposed upgrades;
  • Formulation of a preliminary order of magnitude cost estimate; and
  • Preparation of a Corridor Planning Report.