Intersection Safety Upgrades
for Port of Brisbane Access

Client: Department of Transport & Main Roads

Lambert and Rehbein was commissioned by the Department of Main Roads to complete the Preliminary and Detailed Design of three intersections as interim works before Stage 2 of the Port of Brisbane Motorway. The three intersections are:

  • Intersection of Lindum Road and Lytton Road.
  • Intersection of Export Street and Pritchard Street.
  • Intersection of Port Drive and Tanker Street.

As part of the project scope, Lambert & Rehbein will be preparing:

Environmental Assessment Report.

  • Traffic Report.
  • Structural Report.
  • Geotechnical Report.
  • Property Access Report.
  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Report.
  • Risk Assessment and Report.
  • Public Utility Plant Report.
  • Traffic Signals and Street Lighting Design.
  • Preliminary & Detailed Road Intersection Designs
  • Contract Documentation, Specifications, Annexures and Cost Estimate.
  • Supply 3d Design Model to Construction Contractor.

The project is in a heavily industrialised area, and some of the challenges include:

  • Managing client, local government and community expectations.
  • Managing Public Utility Plant protective treatments or relocations.
  • Predicting future traffic movements / volumes for the future design life.
  • Designing to maximize compatibility between the interim and ultimate designs.
  • Widening an existing light weight fill structure constructed using foam blocks.