Hamilton Wharf - Environmental Due Diligence Assesment

Client: Confidential

Lambert & Rehbein were commissioned to complete a contaminated land investigation on a portion of Hamilton Wharf.  This work was required by our client (confidential) as part of their due diligence assessment prior to terminating the leasing arrangement.  The scope of work involved the assessment of underground fuel storages, former (1920s) wool processing areas, pesticide usage and extensive uncontrolled filling. 

A key element of the assessment was a thorough and detailed site history review that identified important areas that would have been overlooked had we only relied on the anecdotal information provided by relatively recent staff members.  The findings of the assessment indicated that the level of contamination present was commensurate with the intended site use and that there were no long term environmental risks associated with the contaminated areas.  This was a favorable outcome that allowed the client to relinquish its lease without fear of future liabilities.