Greenbank Commercial Centre - Acoustic Assessment

Client: Kilcor Properties Pty Ltd

Lambert and Rehbein was commissioned by Kilcor Properties Pty Ltd to undertake an Acoustic Assessment to support an application incorporating a request for Development Approval and Preliminary Approval for the development of mixed use commercial, community, and service industry precinct at Greenbank.

Logging and hand held noise measurements formed the basis of the assessment to determine potential noise impacts. Lambert and Rehbein’s Acoustic Engineer undertook all data logging, field surveys, data analysis and reporting components of this project.


  • Review site layout and confirm nearest noise sensitive receptors.
  • Establish two acoustic data loggers onsite to measure the existing ambient noise levels over approximately three days.
  • Assess potential noise impacts from the proposed Shopping Centre, Tavern, Restaurant, Childcare Centre.
  • Assess road traffic noise impacts on the proposed Childcare Centre.
  • Provide initial guidance on the preliminary stages of the development. Including guidance relating to rail noise.
  • Develop recommendations for mitigation measures such as noise buffer setbacks, bund/barrier options, and construction requirements for the proposed development.

Kilcor Properties Pty Ltd