Flamigo Apartments
Structural Consultation

Client: Groupcon One Pty Ltd

Flamingo Apartments is a 5 level building including a basement car park and penthouse and is situated adjacent to the Queen Victoria Market which is one of Melbourne's most vibrant precincts.

The building structure consists of reinforced concrete walls and slabs with a reinforced concrete transfer floor structure at ground level to transfer the upper level loads to the structural column grid at basement level.

The building was originally designed with precast panel basement walls, upper level precast panel walls and an ultrafloor slab system. This system required a lengthy "Hit and Miss" construction procedure for the basement and extensive requirements for a crane to lift the precast wall and floor elements in to place. The site access is constrained by laneways on three sides and the very busy Peel Street on the east side which is a major form of access to the busy Queen Victoria Market. Any form of closure to Peel street required for crane access would produce major disruption to Peel Street.

The Client engaged Lambert & Rehbein to devise an innovative solution to minimise the crane requirements.

The solution involved;

  • The construction of a bored pier and shotcrete retaining wall system to eliminate precast panels at basement level.
  • Creative use of insitu and blockwork external walls to minimise the external precast panels.
  • Strategic placement of precast panels to enable erection of the panels from the ground floor slab in one crane visit which would not impact on Peel Street.

Project Scope:

  • Liaison with client to establish most economical design for basement construction;
  • Liaison with client to establish most practicable design for reducing precast panels and crane requirements due to very tight access constraints; and
  • Contract documentation for staged building permits to expedite the construction works.