Environmental Assessments
Northshore Hamilton Development

Client: Northshore Development Group (Port of Brisbane Corporation)

Lambert & Rehbein was commissioned as the Environmental Consultant for the Port of Brisbane’s Northshore Hamilton Development.  The Northshore Hamilton development encompasses 80 heactares of river frontage land and will feature a range of sustainable residential, commercial, and retail precincts, public parklands, river access and boardwalks.

Lambert and Rehbein are part of the Masterplanning and Development Team, which is comprised of a consortium of specialists consultants that will assist with the planning and development stages of the project

Currently, Lambert and Rehbein are completing a Gap Analysis to identify information that will be required to support the staged development process.  Following on from the Gap Analysis will be an array of technical assessments to be undertaken by Lambert and Rehbein.

Project Scope:

  • Environmental Gap Analysis;
  • Baseline Water Quality Assessment;
  • Ecological Assessment;
  • Acid Sulphate Soils Assessment;
  • Environmental Approvals;
  • Contamination Assessments; and
  • Remediation Management.