Electrical Safety Project

Client: Queensland Rail

Development of a QR Electrical Safety Plan stemmed from new legislation, the Electrical Safety Act 2002. The new Act takes the electrical safety related issues from the Electricity Act and refocusses them with the intention of significantly reducing electrical accidents throughout Queensland and focussed greater attention on compliance.  The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) employs inspectors who are active in application of the new Act within industry. The new legislation and greater enforcement of compliance required QR to review their Safety Management System and general electrical safety awareness to ensure safe-working compliance for QR staff.

Lambert & Rehbein provided Project Management services to assist QR in achieving compliance, including the development of an Electrical Entity Safety Management System (EESMS), by the required deadline of October 2004.  Services included: 

  • Develop the Project Management Plan and timeline;
  • Undertake a gap analysis, in consultation with Business Groups, to determine the requirements of the new Act and the appropriate changes required for compliance;
  • Develop and manage the change management strategy based on the gap analysis;
  • Monitor progress against the Project Management Plan and prepare progress reports;
  • Develop the Communications Strategy and preparing articles for inclusion in the various QR Business Group newsletters;
  • Organise and coordinate tour around Queensland by QR, ESO and the Trade Union to inform QR employees of the legislation changes;
  • Organise and assist the facilitator for a three-day workshop to progress the development of the EESMS;
  • Workshop support - develop documentation for presentations, questions to be posed by the facilitator and record of output at the end of each day of the workshop; and
  • Develop Senior Executive Briefing Paper providing recommendations for the way forward for the project.