Corridor Performance Project

Client: GM Network Operations, Network Access, Queensland Rail

The Mt Isa Corridor Performance Committee (MICPC) was formed in January 2003 made up of representatives from all Business Groups in Queensland Rail that have an interest in the Mt Isa line.  The purpose of the committee was to effectively plan, communicate and deliver the agreed performance targets for the Mt Isa line.

L&R were brought on board in May 2003 to assist the  Project Manager in coordinating  activities of the committee.

The MICPC has made significant improvements to the corridor and was nominated for a QR Unlimited Achievement Award.

Our Services:

  • Liaison with the various stakeholders
  • Develop a Project Plan
  • Develop a Project Timeline and monitor progress against the timeline
  • Preparing agenda, attending and minuting bi-monthly meetings
  • Ensure actions from committee meetings are delivered
  • Preparing progress reports
  • Assisting with preparation of the corridor/strategic plan
  • Drafting Senior Executive Briefing Papers
  • Drafting bi-monthly newsletters