Climbing Lane, Landsborough

Client: Department of Main Roads (metropolitan Division)

The project involved the planning and design of a climbing lane on the hilly section of Landsborough - Maleny Road, Caloundra.  This steep winding highway has a high accident history and the lack of passing opportunities is a distinct contributing factor.  The preferred location for the climbing land traverses across a high embankment and through a steep cutting.  Detailed pavement design was required on the complex site and extensive protection needed for safety reasons.  L&R was commissioned by the Department of Main Roads to carry out the Option Analysis Concept Planning and Business Case (R1003) reporting, and once approved, to complete the detailed design phase.

Project Scope:

  • Public consultation and liaison;
  • Environmental management;
  • Geotechnical investigations and analysis;
  • Concept planning;
  • Detailed geometric design;
  • Pavement design;
  • Traffic engineering investigation & analysis;
  • Business Case (R1003) reporting;
  • Road safety audits;
  • Detail construction drawings;
  • Contract documentation; and
  • Project plan (R2001) reporting.