Clem 7 Tunnel - Gibbon Street Riser Shaft & Gantry Building Foundation System

Client: LBBJV

Lambert & Rehbein provided alternative design concepts, design reviews and final design for the design & construct contract for a 27m deep riser shaft which has been used to launch the tunnel road-headers to the south and allow for extraction of the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM’s) from the north. The alternative design proposed by Lambert & Rehbein resulted in significant time and cost savings to the client, LBBJV. The design contract was also extended to include the foundation design for the superstructure which housed the 200 tonne gantry crane and other cranes used for loading out material, machinery and ultimately the TBM’s.

Initially the riser shaft was constructed to a depth to allow the road-headers to be lowered and begin tunnel formation on the relatively tight curves to the SE Freeway and also for the air vent shaft. The TBM’s, when they broke though into the riser shaft from the north, were partially disassembled and the gantry crane lifted the parts to the surface level or in to the tunnels for extraction on to the SE Freeway.

Deliverables included:

  • Concepts representing significant savings to the original design by the JV;
  • Concept designs for pricing and submission of a lump-sum D&C; 
  • Reinforced concrete pile design;
  • Reinforced concrete beam, slab and wall design;
  • Preliminary ground anchor design and layouts;
  • Attendance at design reviews by the Client;
  • Liaison with the Contractor and the Client’s Engineers;
  • Risk assessment; and
  • Contract documentation.