Bauhinia Regional Rail Project
Cultural Heritage

Client: Queensland Rail

MIM (Xstrata) is developing the Rolleston open cut thermal coal mine. The coal will be transported by rail from the mine site to the port of Gladstone. As part of the development, a 107 kilometre public access rail line will be constructed from Kinrola to the mine site at a cost of $190M.

Lambert & Rehbein provided a Project Manager to Queensland Rail and Xstrata Coal Queensland for the Management of Cultural Heritage issues and the development of Cultural Heritage Management Plans with a variety of Traditional Owner Groups bearing a traditional link with land that was being resumed. The project involved the resumption of land in particularly sensitive areas exhibiting a high level of cultural diversity and richness.

Project Scope:

  • Identification of relevant stakeholders Traditional Owner groups;
  • Prime point of contact for Traditional Owners and their legal representatives;
  • Consultation and negotiation with Traditional Owners, translators, technical advisers, legal representatives and government representatives;
  • Workshop facilitation;
  • Development of agreed Cultural Heritage Management Plans including scope, schedule, cost management and processes for dispute resolution;
  • Cultural Heritage Risk Management;
  • Management and coordination of Traditional Owner human resources for Cultural Heritage meetings, surveys and fieldwork;
  • Development of employment opportunities and synergistic relationships between Indigenous Communities and Queensland Rail; and
  • Dispute resolution including facilitating the resolution of disputes occurring internally between the Traditional Owner groups.