Changes to Water & Sewer Approval Process in SEQ

01 July, 2014

Water Approval

Formerly any development conditions relating to the provision of sewer and water to your project were assessed and included as part of the local Council development approval. 

As of 1st July 2014 all new applications for water and sewer connections for your development within the Brisbane City Council , Ipswich City Council, Somerset Regional Council, Scenic Rim Regional Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council  and Somerset Regional Council need to be made direct to Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU).

This is a totally separate process to the Council development approval process.  You will need to lodge a Connection Application to QUU who will assess and issue a Water Approval detailing the requirements you will need to comply with for servicing your development. 

Service Advice Notice (Pre-lodgement Advice)

Quite often we are requested to provide preliminary advice in regards to sewer and water requirements by our clients as part of their due diligence process or as part of our investigations for the preparation of reports to support Development Application’s.

We are often reliant on advice from the service authority (QUU) to be able to provide our advice to you. Historically this has been a free service provided by QUU. However, QUU now require that a request for a Service Advice Notice (SAN) be lodged to obtain their pre lodgement advice. This currently attracts a fee of $495 (excl. GST) and takes up to 10 business days for a response. If you proceed to lodge a formal Connection Application then QUU will credit 75% of the SAN fee towards your Connection Application fee.          

Minor Works / Endorsed Consultant

Once you receive your Water Approval it will include a set of conditions you need to comply with including any necessary construction requirements that need further detailed design approval.

If the works are deemed to be Minor Works QUU will allow the design and construction process to be managed by an QUU Endorsed Consultant without the need to go through a formal design approval process with QUU.  Minor works include sewer reticulation infrastructure up to 90m length and water reticulation infrastructure up to 80m length.   Apart from connections for  single houses all new residential, commercial and industrial water services / meters and sewer property connections will also need to be undertaken though this Minor Works process.   QUU no longer provide the design or construction services for these connections. So as well as the Endorsed Consultant you will need to engage a contractor to undertake the construction works.