Independent Certifiers for Health Infrastructure Projects

23 November, 2011

Lambert & Rehbein has been appointed as a member of a Panel of Independent Certifiers for Health Infrastructure.  The Panel has been established by the Department of Health and Ageing to provide a means by which the Department can certify the progress of projects funded under the Health and Hospitals Funds Programme.  There are 20 organisations on the Panel and membership is a projection of our consultancy services into the Health sector.  The Panel is national, but we will focus on projects within the States where we maintain a permanent presence. 

As an Independent Certifier Lambert & Rehbein are now eligible to be appointed by the non-government organisation funding recipients who have been selected by the Department to build new hospitals.  Our role will be to conduct a Quarterly Certification Report on the progress of the hospital construction project.  The areas that we will be reviewing are:  schedule, cost, scope, compliance, risk and practical completion.  The Panel is in place now to certify progress of projects under Round 3 of the Health and Hospitals Fund.  This has some $1.8B available for health infrastructure projects to improve access to essential health services for Australians living in rural, regional and remote areas.