Communities & Development

Lambert & Rehbein has a growing track record of successful delivery of important works within remote communities. Our project history includes health care, defence, social improvement, infrastructure and more recently asset management and training. We are proud to be involved with many indigenous communities throughout Far Northern Australia and to assist them better manage their important social and town infrastructure. We also have a growing number of senior staff whom bring with them international aid and emergency assistance experience.

Domestic Experience

In recent years Lambert & Rehbein has been involved with indigenous communites including Lockhart River, Pormpuraaw and Yarrabah to name just a few. Our team have also been involved in numerous Aboriginal Cultural Heritage works spanning most of our Northern states.

  • Housing
  • Asset management, advice
  • Water reticulation
  • Water harvesting and source security
  • Waste water, sewerage reticulation
  • Land development
  • Civil engineering
  • Infrastructure design
  • Transportation assessment
  • Environmental assessments
  • Health care infrastructure
  • Education infrastructure